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1490 Mecaslin St., Atlanta, GA 30309

Clemency and Restoration of Rights

Attorney Fenn Little has successfully helped clients achieve pardons, restore their political and civil rights, and even restore their gun rights in the State of Georgia, as well as with the federal government. The laws surrounding clemency and the restoration of rights can be convoluted, and the process cumbersome. However, the benefits of restoring your rights can be enormous.

For instance, a convicted felon in the state of Georgia cannot legally own a firearm, hold public office, serve on a jury, or serve as a Notary Public. While the right to vote is automatically renewed after certain qualifiers are met, one must actively petition the government to restore these other rights, and there is no guarantee of restoration. Therefore, while a lawyer is not required by law in petitioning the government, having an experienced lawyer who can help guide you through the process can be enormously beneficial.