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1490 Mecaslin St., Atlanta, GA 30309

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S. Fenn Little, Jr., Partner

Fenn's practice is concentrated in the areas of Criminal Defense, Constitutional Law and Personal Injury Litigation. He is an Allied Attorney of the Alliance Defense Fund. As an Allied Attorney, he has access to a broad network of like-minded Christian attorneys all seeking to restore the religious freedoms guaranteed to every American by the First Amendment. His practice involves allegations of police misconduct; government restrictions on the free exercise of religion; violations of free speech and other kinds of civil and constitutional rights violations. Fenn further strives to protect the civil and Constitutional rights of his clients charged with serious Federal and State crimes. Fenn has extensive courtroom experience in both the trial and appellate courts including Federal District Courts and the 11th Circuit.

Cody J. Jung, Associate
Cody's practice consists of intellectual property law, criminal defense and civil litigation. Starting at the age of 16, Cody worked as a professional musician, eventually working with Grammy(R) Award winning artists and touring with national and international acts. During college at Georgia State University, Cody continued working as a professional musician while simultaneously earning a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice from Georgia State University. After college, Cody attended the Georgia University College of Law, where he graduated with a focus on intellectual property and criminal law (encompassing constitutional law).